BDGH八達國瑞是率先注冊為RICS(英國皇家特許測量師學會)執業公司的中國公司(注冊編號:054426)。RICS是“國際物業 專才所在”的標志,是全球廣為推崇的權威機構,涉及房地產、建造以及環境諸多方面,擁有全球十四萬名會員,在一百四十六個國家代表,監管和推廣房地產專業工作。


BDGH- Global Recognition

BDGH八達國瑞 - 全球認可



RICS is the world’s leading professional body for standards in land, property and construction. In today’s worldwide marketplace, firms looking for a recognized mark of global standards and property professionalism, choose to be ‘Regulated by RICS’. RICS began regulating firms outside the UK with the launch in April 2009 of RICS Regulation in Hong Kong. RICS successfully launched regulation of firms in China in August 2010.



RICS has grown to become one of the largest, most respected and well known global organizations of its kind thanks to its ongoing commitment to raising the standards of property professionalism. At the centre of this success are RICS’ regulated firms whose standards and principles offer an unrivalled level of professional excellence.



BDGH successfully became the early Chinese firm registered as a firm regulated by RICS in August 2010. BDGH shares the same benefits as UK regulated firms.



Being ‘Regulated by RICS’ sets BDGH apart, providing a truly competitive advantage. We can demonstrate a measure of professionalism, security and confidence that is recognized throughout the world.



As the early firm ‘Regulated by RICS’ in China, BDGH is dedicated to maintaining the highest level of ethical and business standards and provides a level of quality and assurance that distinguishes us from non-regulated firms. As an RICS regulated firm BDGH enjoys a range of benefits that make a real difference to us and our clients:



- Display the designation ‘Regulated by RICS’ on BDGH’s publicity/advertising material and stand out/I> from our competitors;

在BDGH八達國瑞宣傳和廣告資料中使用“RICS 執業公司”標志,能使我們在競爭中脫穎而出;


- Increase confidence in BDGH by showing clients that BDGH follows the highest levels of professional and ethical standards;



- Access a recognized independent dispute resolution service to allow client complaints to be resolved promptly and effectively;



- Join a global network of firms and access help and guidance as part of a worldwide regulatory regime;



- Register for cutting edge schemes which promote and support specific valuation services.





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